Specs for USB cable for the PPM

Hello there. First up, I need to apologize if this question is already answered somewhere. But I do have a hard time finding the right information in the forum.

So what is the specs needed if I want to get a longer USB-C cable to (predominantly) supply power to the PPM (using the provided power charger)? I noticed some suggested 100W, 20V, etc… but the cables I just searched online gave a specification of 5A. Are these the same? Is there a suggested length limit to the cable? (I’m thinking about 3m-5m.)

Would the spec differs if I needed the same cable to provide video input to the PPM?

Once again, apologies if this is already answered somewhere, and references to the right post would be much appreciated. Many thanks for the help!!

Being confused is OK.
In short: the difference in price isn’t big, so just go for 100W/20V cables and this means 5A. It’s your choice whether you need video or not. Video just costs more.
Tip: Buy the same colour cables for the same functionality. Otherwise you’ll be even more confused :slight_smile:

There are indeed already some other conversations that discuss USB-C cables.
Just search for “USB-C”.
Some of the cables I got as spare, see the following conversation: Recommendations for 2 meter USB-C - USB-C cable? - General Discussion - Philips Projection
Later I got some from Ali Express (Baseus and UGreen) and they work fine too.

I successfully tried charging, Samsung Galaxy S9, S10+, Dell XPS15, HP Omen15, Backshark 2, etc.

As mentioned above, but 3 metres yes but I doubt have seen a 5 metre cable, maybe I wasn’t looking for it cause even 3 metres is not needed for me

Thanks voey and thunder!