Step by step guides

Hi, I would love to get actual step by step guides to connect my iPad Air to the PPM.
How can I watch a Netflix movie that is downloaded on my device with the projector without WLAN? Any help would be appreciated.

Sadly Netflix has removed this ability from their iPad app! You can either connect your iPad via a cable (Lightning to HDMI dongle), or use the built-in Netflix app on the projector. But they don’t have a wireless casting feature on Netflix iOS app anymore.

If you want to cast other apps make sure both the projector and your iPad are connected to the same wifi network (this is required for AirPlay). Then just go to Projector Settings > Screen Mirroring > iOS. It will start the casting app, you only need to do it once. Afterwards it’ll always be active. On your iPad swipe down from top-right corner to show control center and click Screen Mirroring. Choose PPX620-NNN where NNN is a 3 digit number, it will start casting.


I have always wondered why there is this need to start the casting once, and then never again? Is it a security thing? Does it significantly effect battery life running in the background?

It something I’m sure a large percentage of users will use, why is it/can it not be activated by default?

Purely a general interest question. Don’t rush

On Android 8+ there’s a new security policy. It’s not possible to start a service in the background automatically without running the app. The app hosting the server needs to run at least once.

It’s possible to add exceptions to this rule within the system, which the devs did but it didn’t work on first try. By then there was no time left. The same is true for Aptoide store and even the home screen launcher which must be granted permission to install apps.


Sounds about right. Thanks Prashant