Suggestion for improved shipping list

Hey guys!
I have a bit of trouble following what is actually going on with shipping with all the “personal” requests, and as some of you has already said, everyone asking for their delivery date doesn’t help the greater good even though the situation might be very frustrating for some backers.

Thanks to backers like @Gizem_Goezmen ((General info about shipment and manufacturing) on suggesting solutions to get rid of some frustration.
As @Philips_Support_N and @IvoGrijt have said several times, backers will receive their PicoPix Max according to their Indiegogo contribution number but also according to the world area and country where it needs to be delivered, so it seems it won’t be possible to give approximate delivery dates just according to Indiegogo contribution numbers.
If I may suggest an improved solution, it would be for Philips to provide the list of all Indiegogo contribution numbers with the delivering world area and the delivering country/state so everyone is able to check how far or close they are on the shipping list to their world area/country using the Excel filter. And to make sure not to lose track of which PicoPix Max has already been shipped, the Backerkit number could be added as well as the shipping date (and the status of the shipment if it is doable).
It would look like : IGG contribution # | world area | country | BK ID | shipping date

Big thanks to @imdevu for the summary (General info about shipment and manufacturing), it really helps to follow up on the production and the shipping.
But I think an improved Excel list as stated above would make it even easier to follow up for everyone since it is not that easy to find the different shipping lists with the backerkit number :slight_smile:


That would be amazing… but i wont keep my hopes up. They are not even giving the IGG# and I suspect the response for using the Backerit Id is to hide behind the randomization of numbers. I understand that shipping bu IGG# will not be economical or possibe, but they had insisted on that approach on IGG comments and shot themselves in the foot. Now people are getting annoyed (to put it lightly) as that is not practical.

If the manufacturing rate goes up, then it should be max 4 weeks and they can produce for all. Its wait and watch for now. : Sigh :

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