The number of operating hours of the projector.

Good day.

I wanted to know how much my projector has already worked an hour. I was looking for information in the projector’s menu and, unfortunately, I have not found such information in the user manual. As far as I know, the information about the hours worked should be in the menu of the device, and exactly the information on how much the projector has been working at the moment.
Therefore, I would like to ask you to provide information on how to check the number of hours worked in the projector.


Hello @Jacek_no.1 almost all our projectors use LED technology, which do not require any lamp replacement. So there is no display of running hours anymore – the internal LED light source is expected to last for the lifetime of the product. If you encounter any issues, please do contact Philips Support. We will take care of it.

The only exception is Screeneo U3, which has a lamp inside, and therefore shows the working hours in its menu.