The operating system does not load. How do I reset or reinstall the operating system?

Hello, technical support.
I have a problem.
I used the projector normally for several months, everything is fine.
It stopped starting normally this week.
I am using an original charger.
Fully charged.
The blue indicator is on.

The charger is plugged into the correct “Power” connector.
I turn it on with the button on the case, I see the “rockchip” screensaver, then the “Phillips” screensaver and that’s it … the operating system and the interface do not load.
Google Photos
Google Photos

If I touch the touchpad on the case, a cursor arrow appears.
What should I do? How to reset to factory settings or reinstall the operating system.
See video.

Will someone help me? Are there Phillips employees here?

There are 2 pin holes on the right hand side of the PPM. The one near the USB ports or the back of the projector is for the Service menu which you push in to access basically the Android version of a Bios. The Pin hole facing the lens is for a hard reset, I’m not too sure how it works as I haven’t looked into this, so I would advise you search on this forum for more information.
I would imagine if you Push it in the device will cut the power to the memory/storage which would wipe all User Data and setup configuration. Then when it powered back on it will be like setting it up again.

The other method is to a get a USB cable which has USB C and a standard USB which can be connected to a computer. If you raise a support ticket with Philips they can send you an image and software which can be used to Fully flash a new OS image to the PPM.

@Rob123 many thanks!

Thank you friends for the advice in private messages.
I was able to solve the problem.
The device is working!

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Could you post up what you did to fix the issue as others may have the same issue in time?

Hi Fomil, it’s been a while you faced this issue but can you share your solution here? After updating to 1.3.0 my projector is having the same issue.

How to do a Recovery Factory Reset

Warning: all your apps and settings will be erased. However, any software updates and preloaded apps will stay.

  1. Power off the projector
  2. Insert a pin or SIM eject tool in the Reset hole (see picture below), till you feel the reset button press.
  3. Keep it pressed and press-and-hold the power button to start the projector in Recovery mode.
  4. Once it starts in recovery mode, use the remote control to select “Wipe data/factory reset” option.
  5. After the reset is completed, reboot the projector.


I have tried the to get the service screen ans have not had luck. My unit will not load the OS and the remote controls seem to not be working, and it will not turn off unless I hold the power button for 30 seconds (give or take). However the hdmi works fine, I just cannot change the volume or turn it off easily. Any suggestions on the solution, or what am I doing wrong to get the service screen. I pressed the back reset button and pressed and held them through the rock chip screen and nothing, after the Phillips screen it goes blank. HELP!!! PLEASE!!!