Timed Shutdown - save settings

In one of the next updates please save settings for timed shutdown. it seems that now each time you want to have a timed shutdown it requires you to go into the settings and set it up. It would be logical to setup timed shutdown as general configuration (i.e. set shutdown in 3 hours, X minute before shutdown show message that it will be shut down if not canceled). Next time I switch on the PPM I would expect timet shutdown been setup automatically.

Reason for this is because most people who use timed shutdown are using it regularly as a safety measure that it does not stay on forever because i.e. they fall asleep.

Noted. Though I feel a lot of people will complain that it shuts down because they forgot they’ve set this option up :grin:

Maybe it’s better to introduce a screensaver that turns it off after inactivity.

In any case it’s not harmful for the projector to stay on for a long time (except the electricity cost if it’s plugged in). It’s LED and designed to last long.

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Maybe go the middle way and make it easy to reactivate the timed shutdown with the same configuration (e.g. 3 hours) as last time?

Adding a flat to enable timeout shutdown on the screen where you set it would be adequate, so let users decide how things behave. From my persona experience, people who use timers on tv-s use it as a regular feature and having to set it again and again irritates if you use something on a regular basis :slight_smile:

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Yeah something that turns off the projector if nothing has happened for a certain amount of time. Possibly with a “hello, are you still here?” notification before shutdown?


Or the ability to edit the predefined shutdown timer options would be nice too. So you could specify shutdown in 45 minutes after now, after last input, after screen no change, etc. Then whatever you choose last time would be the top option, two or three other user definable slots, and finally the new custom option as always.

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