To get a refund


I am not satisfied with the PicoPix Max and I would like to get a refund,

Reasons : Poor contrast and i get freezes while playing a video with any media players embedded.

There is at least a 15-day-return policy in Europe and I want to get refunded

Best regards,

Is there anything that Philips Projection can do to fix the issues you have, or is your mind already made up?

You could for instance post a few pictures showing the contrast issues, and perhaps post in more detail which kind of files exactly (encoding used, bit rates, storage method, playback method or app, etc.) exhibit problems.

The Pico Pix Max has many players like the preinstalled MX Player Pro (it works very well and uses hardware acceleration), but can also run many other downloadable movie players, have you tried any alternatives to the ones built in? Such as Nova, which was recently recommended to the community by a fellow backer, or Kodi, for which we have been working with the chip developers to improve the performance on the PPM even more.


I appreciate your kindness,

My mind is indeed made up,

I only possess VA LCD screens and I value a lot contrast,

Therefore I would like to get a refund,

Could you please tell me the procedure ?

Again, thank you,

Best regards

To initiate a return request, please contact support either by email or via (top right corner of page).

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Hi @Julita_Wilczek, Unfortunately, the IndieGogo campaign is now over and as of March 11th, Philips do not accept cancellations anymore. Once you receive your order, you can either keep it or send it back within 30 days for a full refund minus the shipping costs, or sell it.

Also, The bad reviews seems only to be a handful. Majority of people seems happy on the Facebook group. I am still waiting for my unit with high hopes.


There have been many who were adamant that they wouldn’t like it, or that they would return it based on some reviews. But many of these people completely changed their minds once they saw the potential and quality of the actual product in their use cases.
Of course those who have issues will be vocal and come forward, which is good. But often times those that are happy won’t take the time to share that with the world but will just go about enjoying their product.

In any case, I can’t actually help you to a refund as I do not work for Philips Projection. If you contacted them and got a reply then that’s their official reaction to your request.


@IvoGrijt @Philips_Support_N

I would like a complete refund for my 2 projectors nevers sent.
What can I do ?

Thanks for your answer.

Arthur MĂ©ligne

Hi Ivo I would also like a refund. It is taking too long to resolve delivery. My projector was in Germany and maybe even the UK moths ago but returned to sender. I intend to buy a projector from elsewhere.

Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and also understand your decision. We just proceeded with the refund, you should get it on your bank account within 2-3 weeks. Should you need further assistance, please let us know.

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Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and also understand your decision. We just proceeded with the refund, you should get it on your bank account within 2-3 weeks. Should you need further assistance, please let us know.

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Is this full amount including the extras added for tax/delivery.


As you’re in Europe, VAT will also be refunded

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If you resolve the issue with the forwarding company and are able to deliver my projector in the future please let me know. If I have not bought a projector by this time I would still be interested in buying it.

For now I am glad to not have to worry about it.


Since the tracking number I received from DHL never worked, I am considering to get a refund.
It takes to long and I haven’t received a tracking number that works.
Please help me out

If you don’t yet have a ticket please mail us at and state your wish. If you already have a ticket reply to the last mail you got back from us and state your wish.

I received two tacking numbers from
DHL: 2630239706
Tie-Xhin: CTVE00000022296
but neither one of them works
I have already mailed to but never get a response
So I wish to get a full refund

Hello, your refund request has been taken into account and we’ll advise you, via Zendesk, as soon as it’s done have contact me right after I requested to get a refund.
Please tell them there’s no need to send the projector to me.
I already decided to get the refund

Hello @Philips_Support_T ,

I also request a full refund, the DHL tracking number I received more than 2 weeks ago
is invalid, I have not received the unit, I have not received any response to my previous
emails via Backerkit.
DHL 00340434298892100575

If I understand correctly, you refund the full pledge, shipping costs and paid taxes, all payments in full.
I sincerely hope to receive a confirmation about the full refund in email … thanks

The projector has now arrived at the TW customs and I paid the tariff.
You guys still sent the package right after I requested to get a refund.
So what should I do now? Waiting for the refund and return the projector?
If it so maybe selling it as second-hand product in Taiwan is easier for me.