Tracking number no longer working, May 18th ship


I’m backer 13449 in Spain. I received notice that my ppm shipped on May 18th. I waited two weeks, the tracking number CR071938776DE showed some information about Germany on June 2nd, but since then nothing. Now the number shows me nothing at all. I have sent two messages with no reply. Please see case number 24970. I am getting no replies from you or DHL. Please advise.

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I found your tickets, I will reply on them for you.

Thank you! I am about to leave for a month or so and don’t want it arriving while I am absent! It would be great to take it along too…I appreciate your vigilance.

If you’re looking on the german website, it actually looks like it was delivered yesterday.

P.S. forgot to hide my bookmarks bar and now you know all my hobbies, damn it!

Hi, no, thank you though, I’ve been using DHL Spain to check. I get the result in the picture I posted. I thought about the tracking code have a DE at the end. Maybe it was supposed to have an ES? In any case, I am in Barcelona and not Germany.

Funny, I just checked the German page and do not get the same result. Only an exclamation mark for an error (I imagine). Maybe cookies related?

That IS funny! I was using incognito mode in the browser, meaning I had no cookies.
Don’t know.
When you checked the last time the tracking code, what was it saying? Was it still in Germany?
Try eventually contact DHL directly and ask them about the package.

Yes, the last destination/movement was on June 2nd, since then, basta. I have sent a message to DHL :
"Thank you for contacting DHL Parcel.
Firstly we offer our sincere apologies, on behalf of DHL, for all possible inconveniences caused by the incident referred in your letter.

We inform you we have already passed your request to the relevant department to give you information about the shipment CR071938776DE.

The reference number for your request is 45248527."

No updates or news since July 6th.

I just tried tracking it again on the DHL Germany page and did get the following result, but I have received nothing today. Not showing the 08004 postal code exists in Germany (if it went to the wrong address for example).

However, I did look up Vigo GmbH and it is a property management company


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This is actually good news. It means that it was returned to the sender’s warehouse, where it can now be resent from, with a new tracking label so no duplicate addressing shenanigans can happen again.

Hello IvoG, if you say its good news, than I’ll take your word for it. When and if you can find out an estimated delivery date, that would be great since we are expected to leave on the 16th. I’d be happy to pay a bit extra to get it here faster if necessary since we won’t be back until later in August. Thank you

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Hello IvoG, did you happen to see my reply? I don’t want to go out of town and have the PPM arrive when I am not home (especially after all of these delivery issues). Thank you

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He did click on “like” on your reply, that means he saw it. But he’s also not Superman. He can only act as fast as the available technology is allowing him and cannot force a fast reply from DHL.

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Hi Dragos, yes, I understand, of course. I am new to “forum” life and would prefer to over-communicate as opposed to assuming all is okay. I didn’t see the like. I’ll sit patiently for a while longer. And I do appreciate all efforts in my favor. Kind regards

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Don’t get me wrong! I was trying to answer your last message faster, I was not advising you to not pursue the over communication.

But I also know approximately how Ivo is working on this forum. Most of his work for this project happens actually outside the forum and he has a pretty long list of cases to be tracked and checked and double checked and communicated and so on and so forth.
He won’t be able to provide you with a feedback in real-time. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he’s overcrowded.

Just to get a slight idea, while clicking through new posts since yesterday evening, I saw Ivo tagged at least 3 times. And I haven’t finished reading all the new posts.

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Exact same problem here
Received a faulty projector on 4th May 20, resent it, now awaiting for a new one, was advised by DHL of tracking number on 30th June 2020, no news since, NO REPLY from Philips Support
This is an inacceptable level of (non) service, Philips
Your people keep saying “we had delays”, you are a huge group, raised huge funding from us almost a year ago, yet consistently fail to care about us, your clients. Not replying is plain rude. Not delivering is failing us.
Publishing your shipment system details is quite irrelevant, this is your own responsibility, not ours. We paid you to handle this.
We paid you promptly. PLEASE HELP NOW

Hello GLR, none of my business, and I hear what you are saying, but my mom always told me you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar… I hope your problem is resolved shortly. I’m still waiting on the initial reception.


Dear @GLR

  1. This product is not developed by Philips, and you know it already
  2. You did not purchase a product, you invested in the development of a product. Read the terms of conditions of the website you used to make your contribution. Oh! See? it’s called “contribution” not “purchase”.

Once again! Read the terms and conditions of the website you used to place your contribution for this project.

No reply on what exactly, what is your question?

We care about you, which is why we are handling the cases rather than keep you happy with responses that don’t actually amount to anything. We’re not replying because we simply haven’t gotten around to replying you, or don’t have anything new to say.

You say publishing our shipping details is irrelevant, yet in the world we live now and the issues this campaign has seen its totally relevant. Not only is it relevant but the actual cause of many of these issues, and a lot of the backlog we have in answering queries comes from people who never took the time to read up on how our shipping works bombarding us with questions that didn’t need asking. Or from people who use the forum but don’t fill in their contribution ID in the proper field of their forum profile, or mention a ticket number or anything useful for me to look up to see if I can find something to tell them they haven’t already heard.

The whole “it’s your problem not ours” also doesn’t compute as we asked you to back this product, at an early moment before it reaching the general public, and at a lower price point than it would be when it does. So for all intents and purposes we are in this together.

Trust me when I say that every issue with the shipping frustrates us more than it does you. Because while you only worry about your €400-€600 investment made, we worry about all our backers, our image, our customer satisfaction, etc.

So we are working on getting everyone the perks they pledged their contributions for. Philips is a big company indeed but our team working at Philips Projection is a small one. Sometimes people would complain to me via personal messages about nothing getting any feedback from the support desk not realizing that it’s me on the other side as well. I wish I had 8 hands and 25 hour days, but even then I would be dependent on other parties to get real solutions.

My advice is to make sure you have a ticket with and once you do, reply to that only. And if you feel you need to vent some frustration here, which I do not condone nor condemn, at least do so while mentioning a ticket number or at least your backerkit or contribution ID.


Hello IvoG, any updates regarding the reshipment of my PPM? We are off as of this Thursday for about a month, so I would hate for it to arrive and us not be here. Or I could give you an address where I will be in France until the end of the month at least if you are sure it will ship. Thank you again Kind regards Andrea