Traveling with the PicoPix Max

Two questions:

  1. Does Philips have a “hard” or semi hard case for the PicoMax? Or is there an aftermarket size to fit the projector and accessories?
  2. Can I travel with the projector in my “checked” luggage or do I have to put it in my “carry-on” bag/backpack?
  1. I’ve travelled with it both in carry-on and checked-in luggage, but mostly carry-on. The battery is 73Wh which is within 100Wh limit of carry-on baggage. But check with your airline what’s their policy. Many airlines restrict only power banks, but some also restrict any LiPo-operated device from being checked-in.

How about a case to protect it during travel?

Lipo batteries are very dangerous, make sure they never go flat or over charged. I’ve gone through quite a few with my RC stuff.

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Please check this thread for options and ideas: Any case / bag is recommended for the PPM?

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Anyone know size of the tripod thread its 1/4?

Yes, 1/4” 20 thread

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