Troubleshooting: Picture freezes/stutters during playback


Any of the following happens:

  • The picture frequently freezes for a few moments.
  • Videos stutter, then continue playing back smoothly
  • Playback appears stuck on one frame for a second, before continuing

See an example video clip.


Update to the latest software version. Version 1.0.27 and higher fixes this problem.

If you still encounter this issue:

Place the projector on a more stable platform. Avoid placing it where it will move (e.g. on a bed).

If this is not possible, go to Projector Settings > Image > Keystone Correction and turn off Automatic Keystone.


If the projector is not on a stable surface, any movement might trigger the automatic vertical keystone. Sometimes even playing loud audio can cause vibration inside the projector, triggering this. This correction takes a few moments, during which the picture is frozen. This happens on all kinds of playback, including internal content/Android, HDMI or USB-C.

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