Troubleshooting: Projector won't power on / no picture display / shuts down soon after starting

Check Power Adapter and USB cable

  • Are you pressing and holding the power button (on the projector or the remote) for a few seconds? :Yes
  • Are you using the the supplier power adapter and USB-C cable? :
  • Do you see red/blue flashing LED on plugging in the charger? This means the power adapter you’ve connected is not supported. Please use the supplied power adapter. :
    The first time it happend it showed red blue light. It was in middle of projecting a video. It stopped and then never played again.

If you’re using the supplied adapter and cable, continue to the next section.
Yes I am using the same one provided by Philips.

Check battery charge status

  • Make sure the projector is powered OFF.
  • Connect the power adapter to the projector. Make sure you plug it into the right side USB-C port (charging port), not the left side (video port)!
  • Does the LED turn red? If yes, let it charge for 3 hours until the LED turns blue. Then unplug it, and power it on. Does it work?
  • If the LED doesn’t light up at all, check that:
    • the adapter is receiving power from the wall socket.
    • do you have another USB-C device? Can the PicoPix adapter charge that device? If not, the adapter may be faulty.
  • If the LED lights up blue, it means the battery is fully charged. Continue to next section.

No BATTERY ISSUE. I can hear sound. I can even listen audio in airplay.

Check display problems

If your projector can turn on but doesn’t display any picture, check this as you power on the projector:

  • Do you see the white Philips logo startup screen?
    • if yes, but there is no picture afterwards, check that all cables (HDMI / USB-C) are unplugged.
    • does pressing the home button on the remote or touchpad causes the home screen to appear?
    • does pressing the autofocus button on the remote show the focusing screen?
  • Does the projector power off shortly after showing the home screen? It could be a thermal shutdown. check next section.
    No effect. I tried pressing button,touchpad etc. No change in display.

Thermal shutdown

If you don’t see the Philips startup screen, or the projector powers off soon after starting up, check the following:

  • Do you hear the fan spinning up when you power on the projector?
  • Do you have at least 30 cm free space on all sides of the projector to allow free movement of air?
  • What is the altitude of your city? (the atmosphere might be thin!)
  • What is the room temperature where you’re using the projector?
    Yes I can hear fan spinning , My city is 150 m above sea level. There is enough air movement. And room temprature is 22 Celsius (72 Farenheit)…

I am sure its a hardware issue. I am really worried @Philips_Support_P. I have emailed them thrice already. No response. What should I do next. I posted the same on my original thread here PicoPix Projection stopped . Can hear fan. Can also listen audio through airplay.