Twitch on Aptoide TV

Can anyone successfully use Twitch on PicoPix Max recently?
I could use the one downloaded from Aptoide TV well previously, but every time I use it recently I find it says “Network Error”, and nothing can be loaded.

Maybe try getting a latest apk from Apkmirror?

Indeed I find even I use the built-in Smart Youtube app, this “network error” message also displays frequently but I can still view the streams without issue.

Just tried but yet in vain. I’m downloading the latest Android TV version which is updated in 2017.
Or indeed I shall use the one for phone??

Please try the phone version. The projector is running Android AOSP, not Android TV, so it might work better.


This is sadly one of the often made mistakes when it comes to selecting which versions of apps to use, leading to all sorts of inexplicable errors. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in doing so however.

Like Sebastian said, try to use regular Android versions instead.

Thanks Sebastian!! I tried another mobile version on APKPure and it works fine!! :wink: