Ugly grid on image


I still have an ugly grid on my screen. Do you have the same? Is it normal or should I ask for replacement? Any way to reduce it?

I think it is normal right? If you look very closely at any LED TV or monitor, you will also see similar “grids” in the form of RGB pixels.

I’m watching from 3m, projector is just beside me and I really see all squares

It’s normal. You can display a grid pattern and count the pixels, it’ll be 1920x1080.


This is the screendoor effect and sadly you might be too sensitive to. It’s pretty common with many projectors. It can be distracting but I think you can get used it and ignore it eventually. I also notice it more on my PPM than my previous laser pico projector but laser have more rainbow effect though :sweat_smile:

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Any adjustment possible to make it less visible ?

Wow! Your eyes are very sharp.

Deliberate slight de-focus is one way to reduce the visible pixel structure. This will produce a softer image not really suited for text but for movies it can provide a subjectively “better” experience. I can also see each individual pixel on native full HD projectors when the screen height to viewing distance ratio is roughly 1:1 or more. The pixel-shifted ones like the PPM already has overlapping pixels so the screen door effect should be less pronounced (haven’t seen the actual output of the PPM yet)


Hi @Jeremy_Moute

You can try to bring you PPM closer to the screen, or have a seat a little bit farther from the screen.
The goal is the same as @wernerj proposed when blurring a little bit the picture.

Not quite, as what you propose blurs his reception of the image, whereas @wernerj 's suggestion blurs the actual image produced, actually reducing the chance of seeing any grid.

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I wasn’t thinking about focusing in one location and moving the PPM without refocusing.
I was thinking about choosing a location nearer from the screen and focusing at this point.
The goal is to have a narrower grid, therefore each point is harder to distinguish :wink:.
Same effect if you keep the PPM location but going further from the screen : points seem to be narrower.

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