Unable to do four corner correction without remote

Currently nothing on a keyboard or mouse translates to OK on the remote. Thus if you lose your remote or it breaks you are stuffed. Also when pressing enter on the keyboard it translates to the letter Q which is frustrating when form filling.

I had this issue with the letter Q being pressed when you press OK on the remote or enter on a physical keyboard. I however realized that OK or enter actually get translated to a press or click, and that the letter Q is selected as first key on the keyboard when it comes up. If you however move the focus / highlight to the onscreen enter button by using the mouse cursor keys it will remain there, and then OK or Enter key on a physical keyboard will indeed lead to the input being entered.


Thanks, works for the keyboard, but still does not work on 4 corner correction… I have the remote now so no worries, but I think they should allow it without requiring the remote.

I just found out about this. I have my own remote and the OK does not work in the 4 corner correction screen which I is weird. Even the Enter button on it doesn’t work as well.
I wonder which key the OK button in the included remote maps.
@PhilipsEngineering Would you know?
I’m trying to set my own remote so that I won’t need the included one in case I don’t have it.
So far, I was able to use IR learning for the autofocus and power button to it :slight_smile:

BTW, you can install Null Keyboard if you always have physical keyboard :wink:

I am testing my projector, was already planning on refunding it but decided to test it since the support guy told me I might as well, as I had to open it to find the serial number. The remote does not work, it only blinks red… seems the latest update has not given any way to click OK in the 4 corner keystone correction without using the remote?

Hi @Kasper_Olesen,

The blinking red means that your remote is waiting for pairing.
You need to be in Bluetooth settings, activate it and choose the remote among the peripherals listed.
Then you will be able to use it as an airmote.
For more information, see in knowledge base here :

Ahh… here it says to press Vol Down, the place I found said to press Vol Up. That was probably the problem. I already packed it down again, to process a refund, but good to know that the remote probably worked. If only the 4 corner correction would work for external inputs like HDMI.

Still… seems like a design flaw that you HAVE to use the remote to be able to setup the 4 corner keystone correction.

It’s a missing feature that we are gonna add in the next update. You’ll be able to use the touchpad.

Good to know :slight_smile:

That was almost a year ago… was that issue patched yet ? I can’t find a way to perform four corner correction without the remote, or with my Rii, for the OK button doesn’t seem to be recognized as such…
Thanks for your answers, and sorry if it’s been answered already.

No, still not yet. The UI has been revamped though so maybe that’s next.