Unable to download Disney+ App

I can‘t download the Disney+ app!

I used to have it on my PPM and everything worked fine, then suddenly it wouldn‘t open anymore and told me to update the app… I tried it several times but it just wouldn’t update.

Then I deleted the app to reinstall it and since then I am unable to re-download it!

(PPM Softwareversion: 1.1.05 (but didn‘t work on an older Version either)

I also tried different versions of the Disney+ app … none of them are downloading!)

Wifi-connection is fine! Streaming with Netflix and Amazon works perfectely)

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance


I recently read this thread. Possibly that method still works:

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Same issue here, happened yesterday. Before I had not been able to update the app for months, but it ran just fine on the older version. This is bad, The Mandalorian second season is starting soon!