Uneven wifi connection between a galaxy s10e and the picopix

System version: 1.0.25
Launcher version 1.3.9

When connecting the picopix with smartview (from the Galaxy) and Mirror mode>Android (from the picopix) the connexion is stable (I didn’t notice any loss) but with very fluctuating performance. It becomes quite quickly extremely slow (I use the picopix for presentation and the delay between order (from the phone) and result can exceed 10 seconds.
Somebody have an idea?

Hi @I4U do you have many wireless networks in your location? Miracast (Android mirroring) uses 2.4GHz which is not the best in terms of interference. At my home there are 48 wifi networks, causing mirroring it hiccup every now and then too.

Hi, I have to check. In fact in one place, I have no problems. In another it’s impossible to use this function. I can’t access this place now on. I will post as soon as I will be able to verify. Thanks.