Universal Remote Support for U4

After a few days with the U4, I’ve found that none of the Philips TV remote configurations in my Chromecast remote are compatible with the device. Similarly, a user in the Indiegogo Discussion reported the same for Fire TV.

Philips - is it possible to get the U4 remote codes into the appropriate databases for the various universal remotes?

If anyone finds a device profile that works, please post it here.


Hello Ryan, in fact you can use the CEC mode of the U4 to use the U4 remote control to manage the connected device.

I would also appreciate the U4 remote codes available in the Chromecast database.
I’m aware I can control my Chromecast using the Screeneo U4’s CEC function, but I’d rather use my chrome case remote to navigate the streaming apps, then adjust volume using my Chromecast remote.

As Ryan said, this wasn’t possible as none of the Phillips remote profiles available worked.


I am also trying to setup my firetv remote to work with my U4, but I can’t find the IR code. Where can I find this?

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I understand that the U4 remote CAN control the Firestick, but it does a poor job due to the lack of buttons. The Amazon remote has more intuitive features. For example, the HOME button takes you back to media choices instead of all the way back to input selections.

@Philips_Support_N Do you have the IR code for the U4 which will work with the fireTV remote? Thanks.

Hi there, we received the Fire Tv Stick today and after many attempts, were unable to connect the remote to the U4. Please provide the U4 IR Profile Number.

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@Philips_Support_N How does CEC mode work? Will this help me program my fires stick remote to work with the U4? Thanks.

Hello all, we have a lot of interest in this topic and will therefore look into the universal remote control as well as make the IR codes available. Please bear with us as this may take 2-4 weeks.


I would be interested in having the Roku Streaming Stick remote control volume.

Will this mean that Google Chromecast will have access to the remote control codes? Or does it mean that I’ll need to buy another remote :confused:

@Philips_Support_P It has been 2 months. Is there any update on the IR remote control codes? Trying to get my fire stick remote to work with my U4.

any updates?

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can’t understand why a company like Philips has such a very bad user experience

Hi, I’m also interested in the IR codes for my U4 so I can use my recently purchased Firestick seamlessly without having to use two remotes. It’s been six months now since you promised them in “2 - 4 weeks”

Hi, I’m also interested in the IR codes for U4 and Firestick.

Please @Philips_Support_P respect deadlines and show some effort in working on U4.

it’s been more than 2-4 months yet alone 2-4 weeks. What’s the product team doing? Do you still have engineers in the team? Is this a dead product? At least let us know so we don’t beg here for updates! gosh.

I have bought two Philips projectors and both haven’t had much support. My first which I still own is a Neopix Ultra 2 which lacked HDMI-CEC support so I bought the Philips Neopix 520 which supported HDMI-CEC but melted itself after not powering itself off properly after an update so I managed to get a refund from where I bought it (Philips support do not seem to service their hardware).
I have gone back to using the Ultra 2 but my Google Chromecast with Google TV remote can’t control the projector and I haven’t managed to find an IR profile from another company that matches it. These projectors don’t get much long term support and most support tickets get escalated and immediately closed and never actually resolved.
The hardware seems decent but something is wrong on the product support front.