UPDATE: Philips not repairing :-( Approx Timeframe for broken PPM replacement

My PPM max began showing signs of the auto focus issues and also the picture was off level by quite a considerable degree.

I contacted customer support who were excellent, very quick and efficient in replying etc.

They sent out the return label for UPS etc and it was picked up back in June.

I have not heard a thing since.

I have followed up on email 3 times, not a single response.

Feeling very much like I gave a delivery driver a $1000 projector and he just took it home.

Does anyone have any recent time frames they have experienced for a replacement?

BTW I was an early indigogo backer, My PPM was straight out of one of the first batches.

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Kind community user.

We apologise for any delays you have experienced in replies from us,
From what we see the results should be available and passed on to you still today.

Thanks for the reply, and yes, today I have received a response stating they have found nothing wrong with the projector and are sending it back to me.

Before returning the PPM, Philips asked me to provide evidence of it being faulty, which I did. I took photos and videos of It being considerably off level (after repeated calibrations on a known level surface) has a rattle-y parts in side, focuses inconsistently etc.

I have asked for Philips to provide me of evidence of it being in working condition before returning it to me because I know it is not working and if it comes back to me still broken I will be returning it again.

I also provided the photographic evidence of the initial delivery box having a considerable crush in one corner (photo date/EXIF data proof)

I will not be accepting a broken return.


The process is currently in the point of retrieving the data you requested from our accredited repair center.

We will try to have this briefly.

How long does it take to video the projector starting up, focusing and not being off level?

This is really beginning to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Dear user,

Your request has been logged to our warehouse, they are currently working on all delayed tickets and will soon assess your case and provide the aforementioned actions.

We thank you for your patience.

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Further update:

No word for 2 weeks, then, an email stating they have attached a new video showing the projector working……

except it’s the same damn video from a month ago, with the file name changed.

You know I used to read al these posts about the terrible service people were getting from Philips and I used to think they were a bit exaggerated but this is really beginning to erk me.

My projector is faulty. It turned up in a crushed box, the auto focus is flakey at best, the picture is not level and there is something rattling loose in side.

It’s under warranty……

What is there to discuss?

Why do companies insist on turning good people into ranting lunatics just to get them to honour their warranty.

I have a long fuse…… but I’ve just about had enough.