UPDATE: Philips not repairing :-( Approx Timeframe for broken PPM replacement

My PPM max began showing signs of the auto focus issues and also the picture was off level by quite a considerable degree.

I contacted customer support who were excellent, very quick and efficient in replying etc.

They sent out the return label for UPS etc and it was picked up back in June.

I have not heard a thing since.

I have followed up on email 3 times, not a single response.

Feeling very much like I gave a delivery driver a $1000 projector and he just took it home.

Does anyone have any recent time frames they have experienced for a replacement?

BTW I was an early indigogo backer, My PPM was straight out of one of the first batches.

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Kind community user.

We apologise for any delays you have experienced in replies from us,
From what we see the results should be available and passed on to you still today.

Thanks for the reply, and yes, today I have received a response stating they have found nothing wrong with the projector and are sending it back to me.

Before returning the PPM, Philips asked me to provide evidence of it being faulty, which I did. I took photos and videos of It being considerably off level (after repeated calibrations on a known level surface) has a rattle-y parts in side, focuses inconsistently etc.

I have asked for Philips to provide me of evidence of it being in working condition before returning it to me because I know it is not working and if it comes back to me still broken I will be returning it again.

I also provided the photographic evidence of the initial delivery box having a considerable crush in one corner (photo date/EXIF data proof)

I will not be accepting a broken return.


The process is currently in the point of retrieving the data you requested from our accredited repair center.

We will try to have this briefly.

How long does it take to video the projector starting up, focusing and not being off level?

This is really beginning to leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Dear user,

Your request has been logged to our warehouse, they are currently working on all delayed tickets and will soon assess your case and provide the aforementioned actions.

We thank you for your patience.

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Further update:

No word for 2 weeks, then, an email stating they have attached a new video showing the projector working……

except it’s the same damn video from a month ago, with the file name changed.

You know I used to read al these posts about the terrible service people were getting from Philips and I used to think they were a bit exaggerated but this is really beginning to erk me.

My projector is faulty. It turned up in a crushed box, the auto focus is flakey at best, the picture is not level and there is something rattling loose in side.

It’s under warranty……

What is there to discuss?

Why do companies insist on turning good people into ranting lunatics just to get them to honour their warranty.

I have a long fuse…… but I’ve just about had enough.

Well I never got the video I requested, but I have received an email that they have decided to replace my faulty unit.

We got there in the end.

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New Projector turned up, tripod is broken and there was no Australian plug…

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That sounds about like Philips support. Same issue here, reported several issues. Said they could not reproduce it. Asked for video evidence. (got stuck in a migration), clearly projector is not charging to 100%, communication is rude, takes a superlong time. Think I am stuck in this cycle for about 8 months. Not professional at all.

An update. It’s now been over 2 months since I received my new projector without a charger plug.

It has been over 6weeks since my plug was sent to Germany and then arranged to be sent to me in australia.

It has not moved since the 11th October.

I have been without a working projector for almost 5 months, add that to the 3 months late it was in arriving in the first place, I have had the opportunity to use the projector approximately 40% of the time I have owned it.

In the time I have had it I estimate at least 30% of the actual usage time (ie turned on and projecting) has been spent trouble shooting updates, side loading cracked apps and general maintenance of the thing to try and use it.

I bought the projector because it was advertised to support AirPlay2, it’s was supposed to have 4 corner auto correction, could pair to external Bluetooth speakers and there was initial discussion about Android TV support.

In one way or another the projector has not delivered on its marketing. Airplay2 was never approved (Miracast or free airplay clone apps is not AirPlay2), the 4 corner correction does not work on any external sources, and nor does Bluetooth.

Philips support denied any of the above was ever part of the original marketing.

With the magic of the internet, I have been able to provide screenshots to Philips support of the gradual, yet significant changes in their marketing material over the period of time since I purchased the projector till now, including the omission of of the above features that were important to me, along with others that were not.

I have been exceptionally patient throughout this process, until the time came when they outright denied that advertised features were not delivered and that they did not alter the marketing. I explained how I felt they were now being ‘deceptive’.

I chose to give Philips the opportunity to ‘do right’, before bringing my experience public.

Philips Support response to when I shared screen captures of the changed wording and feature exclusions was:

“…… we declare and remain open to assisting and returning the projector and checking it on our end for possible repair or exchange if this is not possible……”

The original projector was faulty, that took a considerable ‘fight’ to have it replaced (well within warranty). The process has left me without a projector for 4 months, they cannot even send a charger plug to the right country. The new projector (I assume) is not faulty, there is no request to “return for checking and repair/exchange” I’d just like a plug please so I can plug it in.

I had decided to ‘live with” all of the PPX shortcomings, but after the despicable attitude, deliberate denial and gross incompetence I decided to demand a full refund.

I feel that I have allowed Philips every opportunity to do the right thing here, and they have made a conscious decision to take the position they have.

Hence why I feel no more moral obligation to protect Philips support, and why I have now shared my experience.

Attached for anyone else’s reference is the screen captures over time from the Philips marketing omitting/retracting/excluding original features. Do with them what you will, this is publicly available information.

Oh, and the Tracking number of my plug that has not moved from Germany since the beginning of October.

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Good on you - I’ve felt the same for a long time, but thought I’d just “suck it up” as it was still a good product. I even bought my brother one for his 30th, my neighbours 2 sons bought one each!…

… then tonight, after just over a year of ownership, being kept in a safe place, used less than 20/30 times, the unit will not emit any light at all :rage:. LED goes to blue, fan comes on, it even tries to auto focus! But there’s no light source.

I’ve had 3 static projectors in 10 years, 2 x Infocus and I x Optoma. 1000’s of hours on them all all worked perfect, never let me down.

Do you have the details to where you initiated the return? Pointless having it now as a glorified paperweight.

Hope you get your power adapter. Have you tired any other PD power supplies?

Dear community member,

We maintain our position in this topic, being one of looking to assist in the possible measure and follow up with support on a consistent manner,

It is understood that some of these situations were not up to your expectation and we have since attempted to address them via the official CS channels,

As per the sending of the item pending, there is currently a strain on intercontinental shipments and we unfortunately are also affected by it in different intersections of our service,

Nonetheless there is an ongoing opening ticket with the courier to request the sensible details as to why it is in its current status for that amount of time and what the possible ETA is at this point,

We will relay this as soon as possible to yourself,

Kind Regards,

Dear community user,

Regarding possible assistance in all forms with the projector you have purchased, please do reach out to us in philips.projector.eu@screeneo.com,

Kind Regards,

I would like to ask again, as I did I’m my first email to support when the AU charger plug was missing, will you reimburse my purchase of a suitable charger so that I can use my projector.

I have so far not been able to use the projector for my sons 16th Bday, my Grandmothers 90th, my daughters netball team breakup party and this week my staff induction training. All situations I purchased the PPX for.

I also respectfully request a new purchase invoice date to reset my 2 year warranty, as at this stage my projector is already a number of month old without the ability to turn it on.

I’ve contacted that address and included the answers to the self help in this forum. Hopefully that will speed up the return/repair process.


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Dear community user,

Our customer support will follow up on this contact via CS channels,


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Phillips support response to my repeated requests to cover the cost of a charger…… buy a travel adaptor…… yeah, one those god awful bulky generic travel plug adaptors that are always loose, heavy, fall out of the wall and just stop working after a month…. Nice.

My response:

Yes I propose a charger, vs a dodgy travel plug. Those things are bulky, ugly and always loose fitting. I have done extensive global travel (I was a travel agent for 15yrs) and these things are just awful and generally break after minimal use.

No I do not accept slapping a cheap travel plug on the end of the charger thank you.

The charger I have suggested, also fits in the special foam insert bag I use for the PPX.

I bought this projector as an ‘All in one’ to avoid having to have bulky wall plugs, and hdmi dongles and Bluetooth transmitters.

The interface is rubbish so I have to use a Google TV dongle, use 2 remotes one for the dongle 1 for the projector, then BT doesn’t work over HDMI so I have to plug in a BT transmitter, What you are suggesting is now also some ugly bulky generic travel adaptor just to power it.

This product is a dud, and to bring it up to what it was advertised you need to bring a bag of third party peripherals.

Not quite the all in one I was sold.

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Dear community user,

This topic has been followed up in the customer service channel,


An update, As tends to be the standard requirement these days, I had to resort to a heavier hand, and a pinch of public disclosure and viola, I have the missing charger plug.

I see the original one is STILL in Germany, but Philips managed to suddenly get one to me literally within days after I told them I was buying a new charger that I expect them to payfor/reimburse.

Why? Why do companies push their customers to the brink before they do anything?

Now it’s time to plug in my 4mth old replacement projector for the first time and hope it works I guess…

Does anyone think it is obtuse of me to request a reset of the warranty period? I mean, this product has a well documented history of failures, and my replacement is already 4 mths old before I’ve been able to turn it on.

If I bought a car and it was delivered without a motor does my warranty begin while its sitting in the driveway unable to be started or when the motor gets installed?

Wish me luck…

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