Updated to 1.1.03, now no sound


I’ve just updated to 1.1.03 and now I have no sound.
I’ve factory reset, and reinstalled via offline, no change.
Bluetooth audio works, but neither the built in speaker or the headphone jack work.
Tried in multiple apps, even the clicks moving around the interface are not working.

Any suggestions?


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Can you please plug an HDMI cable or device in, then adjust the volume to max, then unplug and adjust the volume again to max. Does this help?


That worked.
it crashed once, but then on next reboot & hdmi, sound. And then sound worked from android.


Thank you for the prompt and helpful reply!

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No audio from speakers after latest firmware upgrade. Any solution?


same issue with me. all other audio (bt, jack) work fine except for the projectors speakers

Plugging in HDMI cable and adjust volume to max worked. Strange that this happens. Thanks for the solution.