USB-C cable won't home in socket

USC-C cable won’t home in the power socket. The device won’t charge. I’ve tried other USB-C cables and they won’t home either. Looking at the port, it is obvious that something is not right. What is the way forward?

Hmm, that’s odd. The USB-C ports looks sane from an initial look at the photo, or are the paddles bent? Debris in the connectors? How far from the projector housing does the cable overmold end up?

If you expand the photo, you can see the light blob on the underside of the power connector. I can’t see anything obvious in there bar that. It protrudes 2-3mm.

Can you do these tests and tell us results (assuming that you use the provided USB-C cable) :

  • Plug the same head of your cable in the data USB-C port. Does it fit perfectly (with the « click » to block it in) ?
  • Plug the other head of your cable in the power port. Does it fit ?
  • If you test with another cable, doesn’t it fit ?

It fits in, but not all the way in. Definitely no click.

I wonder if the connector was deformed/malfunctioning from the start. I thought they tested charging during QA, but maybe not in this case.

It’s possible that it only had one plugging action in it before failing. As long as the issue is resolved, I’m happy, I understood the risks of being an early adopter.

Hi, it seems to have gone quiet, any further update?