USB-C Connection

The video output by USB-C of this device is no longer possible.
Is it a hardware failure?
Is there any way to repair it?

Was it possible before? or do you mean video input?

It is displayed after connecting the Nintendo switch.
Now it is not displayed even if the same connection is made.

Projector <= usb-c => AC Adapter
Projector <= usb-c =>Nintendo switch Tab usb-c

Try AC Adapter
(1) Projector AC Adapter
(2) Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Previously, the projector input was
It was switched just by connecting the USB-C cable.
Recently, there is no reaction when the usb-c cable is connected.
It is the condition that no device is connected to the outside. Something has changed.

It used to be possible.
Video input for usb-c(video) port.

Have you tried a different Type C cable?

Are you using the USB-C (Video) Port for the video, and the USB-C (Power) Port for the charger?
Are you using the supplied USB-C cable, same as before?