USB-C data input and power input

Hi all,
Is there a reason why my PPM USB-C input cannot read from a Samsung SSD T5 or T3 but can read from the USB -A input?
Also what is the minimum power output to charge PPM whilst displaying video as my Anker portable battery bank doesn’t seem to have enough juice for the job?

Hi, welcome!

The PPM has 2 USB-C ports: the rightmost is solely for used for power, the second from right solely for HDMI over USB-C (HDMI-Alt).

For data connections only the USB A port can be used.

As for the power requirements, please check this post and the thread it’s in:


Hi and thanks for replying. So the USB-C (2ND FROM RIGHT) is for data out to a HDMI? seems wasted given there is a HDMI port. Seems the wrong way around given that the projector is the display. Why would it need to be the source? Or am I missing something.

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Not HDMI-out but HDMI-Alt(ernate) input. It’s one of the many protocols that USB-C can be a carrier of, and if you have some of the newer laptops without a physical HDMI port but with USB-C that supports HDMI-Alt you can use that to connect it to the PPM.

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