USB Device support

Add support for connecting various USB devices such as:

  • Ethernet USB adapter, for wired network use!
  • Webcamera, for video conference usage
  • Gamepad for game playing.
    (Stadia conteoller via USB, PS4…)
  • Bluray and DVD usb drive support.
    (To play Bluray and DVD disks”Movies”)
  • Headset with mic USB support for conf call.
    (To attend meetings and presentations)

Why not just connect a laptop to it?

To add possibilities to attach various devices and then run Apps on the projector without a need to attach a laptop to it!

So you can make use of horizontal and vertical keystone adjustments, HDR and other, that’s limited when using a HDMI connected laptop.


I’ve been advised that an Ethernet adapter can be used on the USB 3 port (not USB C), will test when mine arrives…