USB key => use exfat instead of fat32 so that files larger than 4GB can be read

I was initially disappointed when reading the user guide projector_manual_11843.pdf (
It says only Fat32 is supported, which means only 4GB files max can be used? That’s kind of limiting. That issue was also raised in an independent test I think (don’t remember which)

I tried reformatting an NTFS key into exfat rather than FAT32, and it works like a charm - larger files can be played, Screeneo updates work as well.

@Philips_Support_P the user guide should be updated accordingly?


Thanks for the heads up @stef1. As the Screeneo U4 is under active improvement, the user manual frequently gets out of date with the current software. Once the software is stable we will update the user manual once again. There are other new features coming up e.g. sleep/wake feature.