USB Output - Amazon Firestick

I had no issues with a Google Chromecast, but my Amazon Firestick keeps saying that there is insufficient power from the USB. Anyone else have similar issues? I really do not want to have to run another power cord just for the Firestick.

Experience same issue with firestick, so plugged via additional power cord, which is defends idea of portable device :confused:

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Same and yea now have to use usb psu… the usb port was supposed to be exactly for this

Fire Stick is connected to HDMI-port. I’m powering it (like my Apple TV 4K) with the supplied adapter and running. Tried Fire Stick on my TV set on free HDMI-port and that needs to be powered thru the adapter as well.

We are experiencing the same message. Ignored it and have continued to work fine for the last hour or so.