Using Aptoide on PPM

I hadn’t used Aptoide before so am just working it out having just received my PPM.

I updated YouTube but when I tried to download a new app (Foxtel) it downloaded and then said it couldn’t install as settings wouldn’t allow it. I changed some setting in Aptoide with a on/off tag which then enabled it to be downloaded but there were warnings about no liability for issues etc. Sorry I’m
vague in this but it was late. Does that sound normal?

Also, I want to install Optus Sport but the app it found says unverified for TV use. Does that mean it’s risky?


Hi @paulsmithy could you please post a photo of this warning?

On Aptoide store you can find many apps that are not tested on a TV-sized screen with arrow-key navigation. For those apps, you can use the AirMote mode or touchpad. More details here: