Using mobile phone app for keyboard/remote input

Ever since my laptop keyboard went dead, I used the Unified Remote app on my phone, to type and control my laptop. Despite the strangeness to use my phone to input/control my laptop, daily input/control tasks are just as easy.

The interface in the phone is very easy to get used to.
The keyboard is the default keyboard the phone uses, so typing is pretty easy.

There are also other remote interface for Media player, Screen mirroring, touchpad, numberpad. Which I find really user-friendly for most tasks

It is not easy too use the touchpad on the PPM letter by letter, if we can go so like how we swipe around on the phone, it will be awesome.

If PPM has similar functions as Unified Remote, allowing us to use our mobile phone as keyboard/touchpad etc as input, it will provide much convenience.

I’m not technically inclined, in Windows, a Unified Remote software also needs to be installed and paired for the very first time use. Not use if it is possible doing the same in Android.

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