Using more than one bluetooth speaker

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Just received my PPM and I’m still exploring it. I’m not at all familiar with Android TV as I’m locked into the iOS/tvOS ecosystem. Is there anyway to use to bluetooth speakers with this device? I have to UE Boom devices and would like to use them for stereo sound when I use this projector outdoors. Any tips?

Based on popular demand we did include Bluetooth 5 on the PicoPix Max so the hardware is ready. Unfortunately the dual-speaker audio output feature is so new that our platform partner Rockchip is still working to implement this feature. We’ve had extensive discussions with them about it, and have been assured that it will be available in the near future. My expectation is that it’ll take a couple of months at minimum. It’s a business issue right now rather than technical.


Awesome, thank you!

Again another promised functionality which isn’t there!!!

Have you tried to link two UE Boom speakers in the UE app on your phone, then use them with then PicoPix?

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It’s a general industry problem at the moment. Please show me another device that supports it. At the moment maybe two or three mobile phones support dual audio using non standard hacks, that’s it. The system vendors are still working on the support software. Android itself added this feature only in 9.0. We put the BT5 chip at the last moment with the hope that software will mature soon in the future.

Any target date on this feature? Luckily, I checked this topic, I am actually about to order two sets of over ear Bluetooth speakers today.

@Philips_Support_P wrote a few comments up:
" My expectation is that it’ll take a couple of months at minimum."

Dual audio output on 2 Bluetooth earpods at the same time would be really a cool feature on a portable projector like the ppm. - If internal playback gets smoother with upcoming fw releases and you could connect 2 bluetooth earpods at the same time it would be the perfect device for 2 persons traveling together watching a movie without any additional equipment. Looking forward for this funcitonality to be added.

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The good thing is that this particular feature is “just” firmware, the BT5 chip seems capable enough and Android 9 also supports dual streams. Hopefully this is something that will be resolved in the next few months as mentioned above. Not sure how much codecs that was licensed though, aptX, aptX HD and aptX Adaptive would all be very nice to have added, but if they were not licensed in the first place then that’ll be a difficult discussion to have with Qualcomm. Speaking of codecs, is LDAC enabled?

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Hopefully this feature does reach the market. Was another key reason for purchasing so 2 BT headphones can be used.


Oh, sorry to hear this. I was really hoping to use two pairs of Bluetooth headphones with this. I have an external Bluetooth transmitter that broadcasts to two pairs of headphones simultaneously, I might be able to use this instead as a temporary fix.

Thank you. I have managed to load the BOOM & MEGABOOM by Ultimate Ears app onto the projector, and it requires Location Services to be enabled to function. I enable Location estimated by WiFi but this doesn’t appear sufficient to connect the 2 x UE Boom 3 that I’ve bought specifically for the PicoPix. A change to the UE app might help expedite - or as you point out Rockchip implementation. Thank you for the PicoPix, it has been a little weird at times to figure out, but mostly seamless. Its overall a very good product and implementation. Thank you.


Hi @TheAntipodean if I remember correctly, this speaker supports stereo pairing via its own mobile app, such that you pair the speakers to each other, and then one of them is paired to your projector/phone etc. In this way you don’t need to pair both to the projector. Have you tried this method?

Thank you so much. @williammuk also suggested this as a possibility. I successfully stereo paired on the smartphone app, and then connected to the PPM, but only one speaker connected (though both were paired). So it didn’t solve, but thanks for the suggestion. I await the solution you hoped that RockChip might deliver for dual connection. Thanks again to everyone. It’s really nice to have a bit of support and advice, and again overall, very happy with the PPM.


Any news about software update for paraing 2 devices in same time?

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Having 2 sets of bluetooth headphones paired would be wicked.

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Any news about the 2 Bluetooth headset at the same time ?
It was promised!
It was one of the things witch made me bought the PPM and it isn’t working.
I’ve been waiting long time for it and still doesn’t works.
Because of that i never use the PPM (i still haven’t use it to watch a movie)
If you don’t put this functionality, i think i’ll return the PPM or sell it if someone is interested (only used 2-3 hours since i’ve received it)


Can we please have an update on this!



How do I pair one set of bluetooth headphones?