Using Zoom/Skype/Teams with video?

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Have you tried connecting a camera with it too? Can we use this as their virtual schooling needs as a standalone solution? I am struggling on that front as my daughter is only 4 and engaging a phone for 3 hours a day is not ideal.

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Can someone try this out and see if this works?

Zoom no longer supports USB camera on Android as of the

ZOOM Cloud Meetings 5.0.25692.0524 Update


-Remove USB camera support
-Users can now enable a setting to mirror their video
-Minor Bug Fixes

So perhaps an earlier version will work, I haven’t been able to test this due to misplacing my USB webcam.
Note that Zoom updated their apps to be more secure, so an earlier version may not work well if at all.

Oh pity! Zoom i can ignore, Teams is primary these days for them. I am particularly interested in that.

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I tried using Zoom from Aptoide with a USB camera about a week ago, and the camera did work with Zoom at the time, but I was not able to Join Audio for some reason. Not too sure why, I just used a laptop for audio for that call haha

interesting! stupid question, but does your camera have a mic?


I did test Teams with a USB webcam (with built-in mic) few weeks ago. It worked but was very laggy.


that doesn’t sound promising… were you on 2.5 ghz wifi or 5ghz?

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I’m on 5GHz mesh WiFi with download speed of about 200Mbps. Please test yours. Perhaps my setup has a problem.

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i am still waiting to get my PPM… will update once I get mine.

Anyone know how can I get Zoom on my PPX to display more than 4 video streams at one time?