Very low image quality

When I see pictures from other people here I think my ppm has a problem. The image is always too dark and I can’t see people face on dark scene, green is most of the time too bright and the image desn’t look HD at all. I also see a grid. I don’t know if I should send back for replacement or whether there is any adjustment needed. I tried many things already. But I can’t get a proper image. My projector from 2005 was better!
Thanks for your help.

Could you check what is the firmware version of your PPMax?

Yes it’s the last, updated last week.

And also I was in the first delivery batch early January. Product was may be not perfect at this time.

Hi @Jeremy_Moute, are you streaming online? Have you tried using a 5GHz network? I think it’s blocky or non-HD because the streaming quality has been adjusted to lower speed.

Also, can you please follow this post and double-check that the picture quality tweak is already activated for you (i.e. the sliders should already be in the correct position).

(At large screen size, from a close distance it is normal to see the ‘grid’ of pixels at 1920 x 1080 resolution. But it won’t be visible from normal viewing distance.)

Even I use my internal movie in full HD or 4k or Netflix or YouTube HD, the result is the same.
But your procedure made the result much better. Sliders were not in good position. It’s not dark anymore! What I don’t understand it’s mentioned that the update should fixed it but it didn’t work for me.
Is there any other procedure to improve the quality please? Now it’s not dark but the result is not in full HD.
Where can I activate the picture quality tweak?

Hi Jeremy, do you see your expected Full HD quality if you connect an external device via HDMI ?