Video Dolby vision

Hello everyone when I launch the Disney+ application to watch a movie in IMAX with Dolby Vision I only have thé Sound but no image.

If i lunch disney + with my ps5, with thé same film it’s ok but i am in hdr10 and no more dolby

Thanks a lot


I have the exact same issue… I noticed that I can launch some show or movies without problem when they are not Dolby Vision (as example Mr and Mrs Smith is working, it’s SDH - The Devils wears Prada - 4K Ultra HD, HDR10 and SDH). But other movies that are Dolby Vision compatible are not working. The image is black and I only see the subtitles. I also noticed that if I change in the Picture Mode while playing the movie and select Dolby Vision Dark, I can see an image (with the wrong colours / in Dark mode). Dolby Vision Bright and Dolby Vision Vivid are not working…

How can we fix this?

Good question … may be philips can answer us? ^^

So the solution is on the page of indiegogo about the Screeneo u5
Go to that page et follow the link to download the file


Here is the solution:
Please download this new software and install it: - Envoi sécurisé et gratuit de gros fichiers
Steps for local upgrade:

  1. Less than 32G USB driver formatted as FAT32.
  2. Copy FW to root folder of USB driver
  3. Insert USB driver to projector, till projector identify USB driver inserted, plug out power cable (USB stick is still inserted).
  4. Wait a little bit, then plug-in power cable, the projector will upload and upgrade automatically (do not press any button nor the power button).
  5. Remove USB driver when upgrade finished.


I have one major problem: Dolby vision is not working.
I have updated the last firmware (3 aug 2023). Nevertheless i have a black screen.
I use apple TV4K or a Bluray, connected direcly with a certified HDMI wire. all is fine with HDR. but when you use Dolby vision it is a black screen.
I have tried to reset but it is always the same.
DO you have the solution ?


This problem is back … how can we solve it ?