Video play Certifications for PPM

@PhilipsEngineering Could you please tell if the Widevine certification which works for Netflix HD videos will do the job for Amazon prime video to play HD as well or it requires a different one?
If it requires a different one then does PPM have it?

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Hi @Rob123,

You seem to be subject matter expert on the topic, so please read this link below:
[] .
If you can read here, Nebula says they have got Amazon Prime certification and they are still working for Netflix. Hence the question. Your expert opinion is appreciated.

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Hi @aero both Netflix and Prime Video can play HD content on the PicoPix Max. The requirement is L1 security which the PicoPix Max supports.

Netflix further has a device whitelist to allow Full HD only on approved models. Due to Netflix business decision not to whitelist PicoPix Max, we have installed an unofficial version which still supports Full HD playback.

Amazon Prime Video has no further requirements and so the preloaded app is the official version.


Iā€™m sorry Aero it was just too tempting to do. That does come in handy when tech people ask other tech people :wink: