Videos randomly quit

I am on the latest software version, but I have a reoccurring issue.

Whenever playing videos from either a USB stick or an external hard drive, the videos mostly work and play flawlessly, but they will occasionally quit at random times while playing, at which points the display suddenly goes to home screen. This happens consistently with any movie file, any codec, any extension I have tested. This happens on both VLC and MX Pro media players (installed by default). It may happen only once, or up to 10 times per movie.

When this happens, I can select the media player app it was being played in, and the video will resume automatically, but this is extremely frustrating. I tested the files on other devices such as Windows computer, Mac computer, Philips projector PPX4935, BenQ projector, and encountered no error whatsoever.

This is a major deal-breaker for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Does this also happen when you are doing something else?

No, just when playing movies.

Any help?

Not amazed with support, especially when talking about a pretty major flaw. Can’t watch any video without being interrupted. Is that the quality Philips is aiming for?


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