VLC compressed the video vertically on firmware 1.0.29

Here’s the screen cap I got from the same movie at around the same time stamp

Normal aspect ratio with MX Player

image2048×1536 362 KB

Weird hamburger pressed aspect ratio with VLC

image2098×1536 401 KB

I’ve done factory reset, downgrade VLC, but nothing works. If you have the firmware 1.0.27 for me to download, that would be great. Some videos have this problem and some don’t. I didn’t have any problem when I was on 1.0.27

Have you notice any pattern with those videos that gets this issue? perhaps something with the aspect ratio or resolution?

It’s basically any 16:10 videos now. They are all compressed weirdly by VLC. Using any of the resizing option within VLC makes the video look bad.

16:9 videos I can use the “fill” option in VLC to expand it and it looks fine.