VLC subtittle rendering issue

Firmware version: 1.0.27
Description of the issue:
The subtitles rendering is kinda of blur. The letter contour is not clear. There is no such issue with MX player.

Not sure if it comes from picomax or VLC software.

Have other users experienced the same thing?

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I use VLC Player frequently for MP4 movies with English subtitles. I did not notice such an issue. How does yours looks like? Can you post a photo?

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Watching this now. Subtitles look fine on mine. image


This is what it looks like. It actually only happens with one video with embedded subtitles. Other video with subtitles worked fine. It is probably a bug I should report to VLC.

Are you sure it’s not burnt into the video itself?


Does it look the same on another device? I agree with @PhilipsPrashant that it looks like it’s in the video.

I am sure that it is not burnt into video because when I open the same video with MX player on the picopix, the subtitles rendering is good.

Are you able to turn subtitles off for that video?

Yes, I can

in VLC settings, check which kind of decoding is selected: software / hardware etc. It may be causing overlay compositing problem.