Waiting on replacement unit for over a month

Hi @PhilipsIvo , I am on of the early adopter with Contribution ID 184. I only received my PPM by end of May’20. But mine had a faulty auto focus so if I accidentally press the auto focus button it will lose focus. So had to send the unit back, which I did early July’20. I am still waiting on even getting an update as to when I will get the replacement after a month since I sent my faulty unit. Can you get me a status update, please?

Is any one else having similar issues?


What is your ticket number with us? I don’t handle RMA’s so I’m not aware of your case or status.


My ticket number is 24817

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You should’ve received an update by now from my colleague, if not please check your spam folder.

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My timeline goes as,
Received the unit in June’20.
Returned on July 10 ( Picked up by DHL and delivered in 3 or 4 days in HK )
Still no update. Have sent couple of messages to support. Is it possible to get an update?
Ticket: 24491

Please answer me immediately. Is this how u treat ur loyal customers that have waited for so long for a product only to get a defective one and get ghosted after its being sent back? Seriously so dissapointing.

My service request number is #24217. Attached is a snippet of the email trail i had with phillips

If it helps set expectations, it took about two months to get my replacement unit, and I had no comms aside from getting the shipping of the faulty unit sorted.
So I think you will get a replacement eventually but the communication could certainly be improved :slight_smile:


Hi @PhilipsIvo,
I was told to expect my replacement by 2nd week of September and this now 3rd week. What’s the latest update now? I sent my faulty unit back in June and its been 3 months since.

Hi @PhilipsIvo,

Its been over 4 months since I sent back my faulty unit for a replacement and have no sign of it coming back. Not sure if I can ask for a refund at this stage, but if it is could I get a refund, please.


I am very concerned by the fact this forum went quite real quick. Can someone tell us what’s going on?


Hi @PhilipsIvo,
The ticket number is 30244.

I have also been waiting super long for new info about my broken picomax because i got a broken one and ive been waiting since july. JULY!!!but all my emails have just been ignored. Im tire of this… please answer somwhere

Karl, Ivo will check it right away. @PhilipsIvo

Okei, and the answer to that check is