Wall Color Correction

In which version can we expect correction for a colored wall in picopix max?


Does it work for red colored wall too?
I’ve never used a projector before and my room has a red wall

No, any color correction for walls will only work on lightly colored walls as far as I know.


… and I think it will work only for internal content as it is software function, therefore not for HDMI or USB-C source…

If the wall is colored, it’s always better to use a canvas (regardless of the projector being used).
One can find all sorts of canvases for such projectors, from a simple one hanging on a wall (these are generally very cheap), to retractable ones (with a remote and a motor rolling it up and down)

In the (currently not public) colour app, the recommended adjustment is to select one of 19 “looks” — each of which has a slightly different colour profile / white balance. Look 0 and 1 are used as default plugged and unplugged calibration. Looks 2-19 can be selected (temporarily) as per your preferences. This is a safe-to-use option that doesn’t affect thermals or battery life.

I’m trying to get the colour app released with the next update (1.0.26). 1.0.25 is going up tonight in all likelihood.


Hi @PhilipsEngineering.

Du you confirm it will only be available for internal or casting content ?

Hi @LLG — the colour app affects ALL sources: internal Android, screen casting, HDMI and USB-C.

The updated default colour calibration of software update v1.0.25 also applies to all sources.


Very good news !

How can you do that ?
It’s not done thru Android ?

This is a good idea, as a portable projector may be asked to project onto who knows how many colors of surfaces in a year. Thanks.

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It’s very interesting that you managed to create a “colour app” that can correct colors in every cases, even for HDMI and USB-C content, because I wonder if it couldn’t be possible to create a “4 corner app” that car correct shape of the picture even for HDMI and USB-C content (therefore not on the Android level)…
Or I miss something ?

Because, I would assume, all the “colour app” does is controlling the settings in the image processor, and even down to the power management to the LED sources in order to change the relative brightness.

And it has already been said, the image processing chip in question is lacking the capability for perspective/geometry correction.

^ This one. Color calibration is done hardware-level. Keystone corrections except vertical are done on software-level.

@PhilipsEngineering It’s cool to know that they will be a way to change color preferences but I was expecting something automatic when I heard about Wall color correction. Do you think this is technically possible or will be implemented in the future?

I might have read somewhere that the focus camera is monochrome. If that is the case, of course, there is no way I can think of to make it automatic, short of using something like a mobile phone camera as a colorimeter. (which is more complicated than it sounds like)

Would the following be possible:
Project a completely red picture and measure the brightness.
Repeat with a green picture. Repeat with a blue one.
Adjust the parameters for each color, such that you would expect measured brightnesses to be equal.
Repeat the process if necessary.

Yes, but the issue is “measuring brightness”. Even if it was enough, you don’t know what the response of the monochrome camera is to the three primaries, and that can be pretty wild.
Now, in theory, if you had a calibrated output and a white wall, you could first characterize the camera, then after you have a profile for it, you can use that information to correct the output for a differently tinted wall. Could be worth an attempt, but I would’t bet on it.

haha… to be honest if we add all the features people are asking, it’ll cost 5000€ and weigh twice as much.

Wall color correction is not planned for this projector.

However there is a “looks” feature coming soon, you can flip through multitude of looks and find one that looks good for your wall/lighting/preferences. That’s the max we can do at the moment.


This is mostly for the sake of discussion. I maintain that if you can’t get at least a white wall, you’d better use a TV.


Is the RGB +/- 10% adjustment still planned? That should do for a wall adjustment, even if it’s manual.


RGB adjustment will not be for regular consumers since it changes the LED power. It will be hidden somewhere and needs to be unlocked.

Looks feature changes only the display’s calibration which is safe for everyone. I’ve found you’ll surely find a setting that looks good out of the 20 or so options.