Watching films in dolby atmos

i have a Bluetooth dolby atmos receiver (the one below)

how can i go about watching a film in dolby atmos ive downloaded into the pico max or on a sd card

you can’t through the PPM. the PPM or TV would need to support e-arc to pass dobly atmos from the PPM to your speakers. I do have atmos going, but i use the nvidia shield tv -> Onkyo reciever -> PPM

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Picopix max doesn’t have the word “pico” in it’s name for nothing. This is pico portable projector. And Dolby Atmos is defintely not ment for portable devices. So I’d guess if you want PPM and Dolby Atmos you’ll need another media player and connect that one to your Onkyo (best with optical I’d say) and have HDMI from that player to the projector. If you are going to a Home cinema at its highest level then cables and additional devices will have to be included in your setup.

There should be no reason this device can’t transfer the Dolby Atmos codec if you rock up to your girls house and there’s a Dolby Atmos sound system set up there weather is to be connected to the receiver Vai hdmi or Bluetooth (Dolby Atmos is in lots of portable devices from phones to tablets to laptops) @vzhivkov

Take it that’s all by HDMI @slandicho

yes, through HDMI…

Dolby Atmos over Bluetooth … wow, I would like to see that, it would be so convinient

Bluetooth Audio = 2.0 Stereo

End of the Story.

The best way to do this is have the projector as the display, connected to the amp by HDMI.
Play from a source that can read your sd card (Blu-ray player, Streaming box, etc) connected to the AV amp, then display through the PicoPix. This way the amp will play the Atmos sound properly.
Using the PicoPix as the “source” won’t give you Atmos.
Source -> AV amp -> PicoPix

that’s how i set up. I use Sony HT Z9F soundbar. All video sources are connected to the soundbar by HDMI which also act as a AV amp and then connect the soundbar to PPM for video output by HDMI.

what if I dont have NVIDA shield?

can i hook up the pico max up to an amp?

which hmdi cable do you have? and do i have to change setting in pico?

also where are the output settings?

You can have a chain :
Player (blue ray, etc…) -> amp -> PPM.

  • The player plays the movie
  • The amp play sounds ( in Dolby Atmos if it features that)
  • The PPM shows the movie on your screen.

which amp do you have? and hdmi?

It’s a Pioneer, almost 10 years but it works like a charm.
For HDMI, as PPM isn’t « full 4K » (but compatible) you can have a « full 1080p » one, it’s enough.
I use a switch to… switch the signal between TV and PPM (I’ve tried a splitter, but it didn’t work well and put a mess in my amp video out…) and it does the job :+1:.

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