"we are also showing the list of backerkit numbers in advance so each backer can see if he's in the next shipping batch"

Hi, in the latest update email you’ve said that “For a full transparency, we are also showing the list of backerkit numbers in advance so each backer can see if he’s in the next shipping batch”, and then provided a link to this forum, but for the life of me I can’t seem to find the list of numbers?

Would you be able to make it more transparent on the forum, as a standalone link or something like that in the menu, so that we can login and take 30 seconds to understand where our order is in the queue please?


The most recent list in linked in this post: General info about shipment and manufacturing. We don’t yet know how and when the following lists will be provided. I presume they will post a similar list for the next batch.

We created a summary thread so nobody has to hunt down information but instead can find it in one convenient spot. Bookmark that and gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.

The latest info is always at the top of that thread, which by the way should also be showing as a banner at the top of the whole forum when you log in.

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Same problem as skinnymike. IvoG, you keep pointing to this summary thread, but when I head there, I still can’t find that spreadsheet. There is no latest inifo at the top of that thread (starts with post from mid March) and it isn’t showing as a banner at the top of the whole forum either.

Does the shipping spreadsheet have a unique URL that you can share more prominently somewhere stable?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the feedback Eric, I’ll put a few hot links at the very start of that thread to jump to those points of interest.

The thread should show up at the top of every forum overview page. Try doing a forced refresh of your browser or logging out and in again to see it.

This post contains the link you are looking for: General info about shipment and manufacturing. I do agree that it could be more prominently featured. Apparently @PhilipsIvo is making some changes, hopefully it will be even easier to navigate the summary thread in the future.

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OK yes, thanks - I now see that thread pinned at the top, but I still don’t see a prominent link to an evergreen spreadsheet that would contain all the shipments to date. Does this exist? It would just be so much simpler if high up in that summary you had a link to such a spreadsheet where everyone could go check.


Thanks Sebastian! So this link is 11 days old. Is the spreadsheet behind it fresher than that? It’s really not obvious.


Unfortunately not at the moment, no.

I’ll try to make a few changes to the post to keep things even tidier and to the point.

There might have been one or two small updates to the list after the original post, due to logistical problems with some of the countries. Nothing major.

As far as I know there hasn’t been any shipments since those listed in that spreadsheet. I presume that @PhilipsNono will either post a new list or update the old one when they ship new projectors.

Hi all,

Thanks for the updates and conversation; looks like you’ve been able to provide the link and there’s an easier way to get to this coming soon, which is great news, thanks!

Following on from this, and I may have missed something completely (sorry) but this list of numbers all starts with 155etc. and not at all like my contribution number.

From what I’ve been able to decipher there’s a different backerkit number available, but when I click on the other links for that provided and enter my email address, nothing happens?

Again, I may have missed a comms somewhere, but how do I convert my contributer ID to a backerkit one please?

Thanks again,

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Please see this thread: Demystifing Numbers (Indiegogo, Backerkit etc.)

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I’ve made some changes to the summary thread as a whole and added a few often sought items to the very top.

Please let me know if this can be improved any further and what information you’re still missing if any.

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Hi Sebastian / Ivo,

Thanks for your help and detailed responses to date! With your advice and links I’ve finally made it through the links to what I thought would be the end of the line to get my backerkit ID number, but when I enter my email address here:


As per the attached screenshot I get the following error message: “we found a survey for [my email address] but the project did not send your survey yet. You will receive an email as soon as the project is ready.”

Slightly more confused now, as I thought the project / campaign was complete and now we are just in a waiting pattern for delivery?

Sorry for continuing the chain, I’m just trying to get one easy definitive “this is your order number, this is your position in the queue, this is when you can roughly expect delivery”, but right now it seems to be link after link to different sign ins, logins, and ultimately dead ends, and beginning to feel like this is just going round in cryptic circles :confused:

Would it be possible for Philips to send out a very simple, walk-through email explaining the whole process from end to end with timelines and simplified instructions on next steps, as from reading through all the posts a lot of people are asking the same questions, and it seems like a straight-forward email would answer a lot of these in advance?

Thanks again,

When did you back the project? If is was fairly recently it’s entirely possible that they just haven’t sent the survey email yet. As a point of reference, the projectors that are now on their way to backers in Europe are for pledges that were made somewhere around August and September 2019. The entire project is quite a lot behind schedule, and perhaps they have decided not to send out surveys until later, closer to the actual shipping. I don’t know for sure, I’m just guessing.

Technically, the project is not closed, yet. Only, the special offers are. Anyone can still become a backer - at twice the cost: Philips PicoPix Max - 1080p Full HD Pico Projector | Indiegogo

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Yes, you’re right. I thought it was closed, but now I remember that they only raised the price. Thanks for the correction.

The only simple email would in my opinion say: “We got your pledge, sit tight until you get a tracking label from us, from that moment it will be about two weeks till you get yours.”

In an ideal utopian world where we had Star Trek-like transporters each unit would find their way to the backers as soon as they were made, in the order in which they backed the campaign. Then it would be super easy to tell you just that.


  • the unit pipeline can suffer setbacks, or speed-ups (when more production lines get added for instance, or the workers get the hang of making the PPM.
  • shipments can be delayed in leaving Hong Kong for the country from which further distribution will take place.
  • once in you country the so called “last mile carrier” can also experience delays or issues delivering you packages

So no estimate given would hold water I’m afraid.

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Technically it is closed. The phase it’s in is called In-Demand.

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in the last email there was a link to an excell list with my backerkit (15585344) number on it. but if I check the link of the forum it isn’t on there. I have no idea which list is correct. can anyone shine a light on this?