Webcam as Source

Hey fellow PPM users!

I don’t know a lot about video systems, input and stuff, so I have a problem that hopefully some tech buff can help me with:

I’d like to have the image of a webcam projected by the Pico Pix Max.

So, I’d read somewhere that the PPM should be able to use a webcam for apps like Skype. I wonder, is it possible to connect a webcam and simply have the image of the webcam projected by the PPM? I’ve plugged my webcam (a Logitech C930) both into the USB and the USB C port but in both cases nothing happened. I figure that the webcam does not output a standard video signal but maybe there is an app that can use the webcam and output the image so that it can be projected?

I’m curious to see if someone can help me!


My assumption is that if the driver of that camera exists in PPM then you can use any app that can utilize your camera.

Interesting question!

I was able to confirm that PicoPix Max can accept a normal USB camera (a Logitech C920). Wow, Aptoide is a huge gamble on whether apps work, but eventually “A Better Camera” installed and displayed the image:

At this point I believe it’s a matter of finding an app that displays the image in an acceptable way for you.

Best of luck


You can try downloading apks from sites such as apkmirror or apkpure. They are generally trusted.
For free and open source apps, you can try f-droid :wink:

Oh, wow! I’ve installed several camera apps but they all weren’t able to access the connected webcam. I figured that they might collide with the internal (auto focus) camera of the PPM but obviously, it’s possible. Thanks for finding the right app for my problem! I tested it and it just works fine.

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