Welcome to Our Community!

This is the official user community for owners of a Philips projector. Primarily created for PicoPix Max Indiegogo campaign, we hope this online forum serves as the central place for users to help each other, get support, get the latest news and suggest new features. There is official Philips presence on these forums, but the content is not otherwise moderated. This is an open and inclusive place, so please be respectful, we won’t tolerate any insults to backers or to Philips Team. Cheers!


1st one here! :smile: I hope you would have a better communication with us here

Nop, not the first one :wink:

Hello midguardians! I am Thor!

I’ve hardly started to play with my projector, but I’ve already ran into a few problems - Netflix pixelation for example. I’m hoping to keep up to date on firmware updates and tips to get the most out of the projector. Cheers all.

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I’m absolutely loving my PicoPix max. Everything I hoped for. Kudos!


Hola, esperando a que llegue mi unidad. Se está retrasando un poco pero esperemos que merezca la pena y que sea un producto 10 de mucho éxito… me gustaría que le sacaran el maximo partido al bluetooh 5.0…

The domain name looksl like you are using a trial account on discourse? This is not a particularly good look. You should have really fixed this before launching the discourse domain and have it setup to use your actual domain name - Configure your domain name for hosted Discourse - admins - Discourse Meta

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Hi everyone, love this way of communicating amongst backers. Haven’t received mine yet, Brisbane/Australia but am happy to wait for a stunning product for what I want it for… Watch movies outside in tropical Queensland from my hammock :tropical_drink:

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much more effective than following everything on indiegogo.

Well done Philips !!

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It’ll be changed to community.philipsprojection.com within a few hours. We worked all night to set it up but the IT guy was already out of office. We didn’t want to wait any longer to send the update.


Any plans of Shipping to Australia before Chinese New Year?

Hello everyone! :blush:

Hi to all forum members!!!

Nice to get a better forum up and running. Let’s keep this one constructive people - keep the negativity to a minimum?

Hi, people! Awaiting Shipping to Brazil…

Hello all.
Great initiative. Indiegogo was getting messy to say the least.

Will we need to do anything on our end?

Hi from Switzerland!