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That should be solved with the next update :blush:

Hi from windy Sussex UK
Looking forward to getting mine.

Hey Guys, how do you feel about this new community? We will fine tune the UI soon but at least, everyone can speak and all answers are there!

Seems to be working well and updates and information in a central place is a definite improvement compared to the fragmented comments that got swamped under complaints

Now I hope when the projector comes I can watch Netflix and Disney plus :blush: I’d like a spot here dedicated to the content/apps side of the PPM

Hello, I saw an update on indiegogo regarding backer kit update for Indian backers regarding passport etc, went to survey again but no
Option of updating passport . Kindly help. My email id securitas2311@gmail.com

This topic is going to turn into an extension of the Indiegogo comments. Full of “I want a refund”, “when will I get my PPM” and the like :joy:

But at least here you can moderate and send people PMs, move messages to another topic etc.

Best wishes to your user support team! It’ll be a steep learning curve for them :slight_smile:

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Does the Phillips tv remote app work just as good as the actual remote?

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Mon pico ne s’allume plus, aucun voyant de s’allume quand il est en charge et aucun son n’en sort

Est-il encore couvert par une quelconque garantie ?

Est ce que il y a une procédure de réparation même payante ?

C’est assez urgent car j’en ai besoin professionnellement prochainement

Merci de votre diligence