What about the noise level?

he hi,
i was wondering what the experiences are with the noise level? last thing I read in the updates is that the noise level is 34 db and a few 20% decreases and other vague suggestions.

I can’t measure dB at this moment because my girl is sleeping in that room, but I will later. Subjective description for now:

Eco mode- equivalent to my HEPA filter at low mode

Presentation mode- about the same as my 5 blade ceiling fan in its highest setting, but a bit higher pitch and “sharper” if a noise.

Using a BT speaker with the volume set to a reasonable ~80dB Max volume will easily cover the fan noise in any mode, and you’ll stop noticing it very soon.

Would be good @PhilipsNono to jump here. A Backer on Youtube shared some results https://youtu.be/ar-2qTEa6_k?t=209 , which are different than the specs. Now I know he’s not measuring with professional equipment but the sound even on the video is quite noticeable. Philips, can you please share some light around that?


Hey! he’s using an iphone… Even with different iPhone you will have a different measurements.
Let’s wait till you get the projector :slight_smile:


Hello nono,
Customers wonder if sound measurements give the same results as announced at the start of the project, you send us back in the ropes with an answer like that.
Through your communications, you engage the responsibility of the Philips company.
This part of your message is not very professional in my opinion.

We are all very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​receiving our copy :slight_smile:

Hey! he’s using an iphone… Even with different iPhone you will have a different measurements. We use professional measurements so for sure we have more accurate results

I think KL Hong is recording right next to his projector, thus it really blows the actual fan acoustics out of proportion. That said, sub 40 dBa from his iphone in energy saver will be quiet IRL use. I think Presentation will be a bit loud for my taste, but glad to know the different modes are there. I think Normal will be my main use case, and I assume energy saver is active when on battery to achieve that 2-3 hour battery life.

What I am curious about is the ~lumen output of each mode. Without comparison to other pico projectors, hard to tell, but the latest demo video from Philips looks outstanding. I have a Capsule II, and have used a Mars 2 Pro, would be great to see this in comparison to those devices.

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Measured with OnePlus 7T and “Sound Meter” app

Right at HEPA filter outlet: 59dB
1m away from HEPA filter: 34dB

Right at PPM fan outlet in ECO: 39dB
1m away from PPM Eco: 20dB

Right at PPM outlet in presentation: 70dB
1m away from PPM in Pres: 40dB

Ceiling fan on high as close as I can: 78dB
Ceiling fan on high 1m away: 54dB

Again, if you have ever watched TV with a ceiling fan on and forgot about that white noise, the same will be true of watching the PPM and any kind of decent BT speakers. Internal speakers… Stick to eco mode.


After 12 hours of use. If you have the possibility for reduce the noise fan in normal mode under real 30Db , it will be a fantastic projector…I hope that the future firmware offers this capacity. With a speaker dedicated (UE BOOM) , the noise in a normal mode is very present. Thanks for your work

Regarding noise measurement, some ground truths to keep in mind, since I don’t want random dB values floating around the forums:

  • Mobile phones are not measurement equipment.
  • You cannot measure right next to the projector. The way in which air flows has a huge impact on the measured value.
  • Standard measurement is always done either at 0.5m (less common) or at 1.0m (more common).
  • You need to apply A-weighting (frequency weighting). Or at least specify which weighting method was used.
  • You need a calibrated measurement mic otherwise the A-weighting is not reliable.

And finally the most important:

  • dB scale is logarithmic. 33 dB (or 30 dB if you measure power) is half of 36 dB. So a few dB ± does matters.

I don’t understand all that you say but i confirm it was a good thing if it’s possible to reduce the noise in normal mode in a future firmware, thanks

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I think there is a real field of improvement in the future feature which will adapt dynamically the speed of the fan with the temperature.
I’ve tested my PPM during several hours this week-end and I’ve been very surprised when putting it back in his pouch that it was almost cold when I’ve taken it in my hand.
I think it can tolerate to be a little bit warmer and therefore need less fan speed, which means less noise !
It will be the job of tech guys to identify the right position of the cursor between heat and noise and doing it dynamically…

And finally, when hots days will come, we will understand why PPM is more noisy :wink:


I am completely agree with you :wink::+1:


what do you think that you can make an effort about the fan noise for the next firmware upgrade ?



I just had a chance to play with my device for a little time, as I had to go for a business trip so unable to go into detail testing. What I did notice is that if you leave the projector on in presentation mode for a long period of time (10-12 hours) it will potentially overheat android hw and make it stutter. Thus your wish to slow down the ventilator on presentation mode might be coutner productive - the projector may seem cold on the outside after you plug it off but it just might be hot enough to make trouble for the android hardware in there that it also needs to cool.

What I noticed is that when android started to fail, I guess either due to heat or possibly memory issues projector using cromecast attached to HDMI port worked perfectly, so only android hw was affected.

Is android actually relevant for the presentation mode? Do these laser pointer next page previous page things work on android?

If it’s a regular HID device in the form of a USB-A dongle or a Bluetooth device then yes they work in Android. Whether Android version of Powerpoint or similar behaves I’m not sure. Anybody running Powerpoints straight from the projector?

Android and Presentation mode are not connected :slight_smile: Presentation mode is just the power of light source adjusted to the max/fan spinning the fastest. You can see HDMI content when projector is in presentation mode. What matters is that in presentation mode more heat is generated that can affect how android hw is behaving as it is part of the casing and it absorbs some of the heat generated by the led light.

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Yes probably the processor is getting the heat and thus being throttled to help with the cooling.

Could be. Could be a memory/software issue too. So lets’s see what the guys find out.