What apps have you downloaded from Aptoide?

Apart from the apps that came with the PPM (Netflix, Youtube etc) which other apps have you installed?

I have installed .
Hotstar (App for Indian tv shows/ movies)


So far, just the CTV and CBC Gem apps (our local tv stations)


Is it possible to install Crunchyroll?

Is it possible to install the “ziggo go” app?

Downloaded Fox sports to (hopefully) watch football games. The app opens like it is trying to be in portrait mode, then closes. Anyone get Fox Sports to work?

Yes, and it seems to work well (logged in and watched an episode without issues)

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I installed Plex so far
it started in portrait but offered to switch to TV mode, works great since


Hi Menno, yes it is. You’ll get an error, however you can ignore it and continue.

Awesome, thanks Rinsch for letting me know and have fun with the PPM!

None, I can’t get aptoide to download anything!
Downloading stays at 0%. I’ve clicked allow to all the permissions, cleared the cache, I even factory reset.

Can anyone help?

Did you accept aptoide to install app ?

Wanna get Facebook Watch for some live videos but seems there isn’t it on Aptoide Store…

Molotov and Orange TV (2 apps allowing to watch direct/replay french TV channels)

MyCANAL, it allows to broadcast French tv

Downloaded Dreamdroid an ap for watching sat tv from a enigma2 sat receiver. But Playback turned out to be very choppy like on Kodi. I guess it suffers from the same rockchip issues where no hw decoding is used. For this usecase I stick to my Mibox S + Kodi where the sat tv plugin works flawlessly.

Only NL Ziggo Go

I want to download the KPN interactive tv app (dutch tv app) bult its nog possible…

Also mirroring from iPad or iPhone is not working…

BBC iPlayer works nicely.

Vimeo works nicely.

Rakuten (for films) is present in the store and can be installed but when you launch it says that’s it’s not compatible with the device.

Try the apkpure app as an alternative app store. I think it’s generally a safe source of apks.
You can use Rotation - Orientation Manager to have the app in landscape :wink: