What files system formats are supported?

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I was wondering what files system formats are supported by the OS, both for the internal storage and for use with external disks? I imagine FAT32 is supported, but file size would be very limited? Would an external disk in NTFS and/or MacOS Extended be readable by the projector?

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NTFS works

I’m using exFAT on microSD cards for movie files. It works.

Has anyone able to write to the SDcard using a 3rd part file manager?
Seems that only the built-on file manager has write access to the SD card.


Did format an USB stick on the projector and it got a FAT32 format, is there a possibility to support any other file system format to handle bigger file sizes (Over 4GB)? And an option to select that when you do format an USB Stick or MicroSD card on the projector?

Did try to format on Mac for a better file system, but it was not readable by the projector! Maybe NTFS would work?

Issue is to easily transfer media files from network / NAS / PC / Mac to the projectors internal storage or Micro SD card used by projector storage! Files mostly over 4GB in size.
(Maybe file manager in projector need an update!)

Any ideas?

As was indicated above, exFAT is a working format.

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Ok copying an 8GB file from USB Stick (exFAT) using built in filemanager.
It’s very slow!

One issue is the % showing progress loops up to over 100 and then it continue going down with a minus percent and then up again…

Still it did the Job and the file is copied!


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I just read the User Manual. On page 23, it says that “The projector does not support the exFAT file system.”.

Can @Philips_Support_P clarify?



From my (short) experience… Only NTFS is not supporter… FAT and Ex-Fat are supported.
With only one exception… When you make an Off-Line update the USB memory connected to the USB-A port MUST be FAT, otherwise is not recognized (happened to me).
I don’t know about the SD memory. I think it is the same of USB one.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have been using exFAT for my USB hard disk to store MP4 files. It is working fine on the PPMax.

If the User Manual is wrong, then Philips need to amend it. If it is correct, then will need @Philips_Support_P to clarify.



Hi all, I will check this. The software progressed at a faster pace than the user manual could be written/translated. Some inconsistencies might be there.


Hi @Philips_Support_P, could I please ask, what was the conclusion of supported filesystems for external storage devices?

The choices available will determine the max device size I can use, and also max media file size.

Thank you!!


Hi @Philips_Support_P , resurrecting old thread. Is there answer to this question - what filesystems are supported for SD Cards and for USB Sticks?