What is a backer ID?

What exactly is a backer ID? When I contributed on Indiegogo. I received a contribution ID #18913, under the contribution details page. Is this the backer ID? If not. Can someone please help to explain what it is?

For the purposes of defining your place in the queue yes, this Indiegogo ID is your backer ID.
When your perk is shipped you also get a Backerkit ID which isn’t the same and has no relevance in these proceedings.

I am bit confused here, my contribution id is 17xxx and I bought it on 14th October before campaign gets ended on 15th. As it’s mentioned many times on many different places philips is trying to produce and ship around 14K. So this contribution id doesn’t really make sense to me! Also indigogo site says there are about 11K backers til 15th October . Can you please elaborate why my number seems out of range. Especially since it seems its the indication of the queue


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There were refunds on one side and contribution ID with multiple products on the other side. Refunds > multiple products

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The number you quoted, that’s what you see on Indiegogo when you look at your Contribution ID?

Then that number for ordering in October could be right indeed, as like @MaximeM correctly stated:

So there were many orders possibly cancelled.

In the end, like I’ve stated elsewhere, all you need to do is keep following the updates in General info about shipment and manufacturing - #352 by Philips_Support_N
and patiently keep waiting. Most challenges have been overcome so far, the units are being made and shipped, so yours will get there soon! :wink:

Hi, I just saw that my indiegogo contribution iD is 63XX, but my backerkit iD is #114XX.

Which number am I in the queue ?

Do you think my PPM is in the next 1500 pcs’ batch which Nono talked about yesterday?


Hi Julien,

So in your case the 63XX you mentioned.

It could be, or perhaps even in the batch currently in Germany.

Thanks a lot for your response !

The backerkit status of my order is « not shipped », hope it will be shipped in the next batch :slight_smile:

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where do I find my backer ID? I haven’t received any communication re shipping I paid for my projector on September and nothing as of now

Please check this link: How to find your Backerkit ID

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My backer ID is 15639744, it doesn’t seem to be on the 3 lists u sent me. Do you know when they are planing to release the next list? Is there a time frame for the delivery of all orders?


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We created a summary thread so nobody has to hunt down information but instead can find it in one convenient spot. You can easily find this thread by clicking on the News button in the top menu bar of the forum. Bookmark that and gather your daily digest from it, you can always click on the quotes in that topic to jump right into the actual thread where it was actually posted.

It also has some of the information that will help you find answers to your questions, such as when the next list might be published.