What settings do I use for my screen

Apologies for the basic question but this is my first projector and I am very confused.

I am using a 100in screen. So, how do I best get started? Do I simply move the projector closer and then further away from the screen until it fits?

Then do I need to do any adjustments? I’m not really clear about terms I have read about like corner correction. Also, is there a correct height it should be to the screen or does it adjust for any tilt?

I assume auto focus should just be left on?


Ideally yes, move the projector to the distance that generates the desired projected size, keeping the projector beam as centered as possible while having the front of the PPM parallel to the screen. That way you only have to take into account what is called vertical keystone correction (actually the PPM will take care of that automatically for you) of the tilt.
And lastly, yes, leave your autofocus on if the projector will be moved. If you install it (semi)permanently, you might want to consider turning it off to not lose any fine adjustments.

Also, read this thread: FAQ: Automatic Keystone Correction