What's best: run ppm with power connected all the time or not?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what’s the best behaviour to adopt regarding the battery:

  • use power only when battery is down and fully recharged it then?
  • Or run the ppm always connected with power (as much as this is possible)?
    Does both behaviour make any difference on battery aging?



Good question.

I’m trying to not worry about that, but only plug it in when I need the extra brightness or runtime.

I think it’s fine using it plugged in a long period of time but just make sure to use the battery from time to time. I use it plugged in most of weekdays and on weekends I use its battery at least once.

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Hi Julien,

As any Lithium battery it does not like to be empty but also it does not like to be full either for long periods of time. They feel best when they carry a charge in between 20% and 80%. Actually the optimal storage charge is at 40%.
It is a good practice to run a cycle of battery from time to time (maybe once a week would be good). Avoid though discharging to 0%, I believe the software is protecting against that anyway.