Where can I change address?

Hi, due to the ongoing lockdown in Spain I have to change the shipping address to my home address. How can I do this? Also, how can I find out if it has shipped already, and possibly gone missing?

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Good question, I have the same situation. Let’s see what @PhilipsNono or @PhilipsSupport say.


Hello, this depends if your product has been shipped or not.
If not, you can send us a message at support@screeneo.com

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Hi I sent a message to support@screeneo.com a few days ago but no response yet. Really need to change my address as it was my work address which has shut down now since the lockdown here in Europe.

Many thanks


I’ve been waiting a week and no one has responded to my request to unlock backer kit for another change of address.

This is the answer to your question:

Again, it’s fine to say that but they were not responding to email! This was at a time when vast numbers of people were being recalled from overseas service. I expected better!

They might’ve been understaffed at the time, due to lockdowns or people being sick. Normally if you have a slight cold or a flu even you might still work but these days you can’t be sure enough. It’s crazy times and with so many people mailing with all sorts of questions it might’ve been crazy for them also.

Your comments really aren’t helping in this instance Ivo! More issues are being created by not manning the change of addresses. I’ve been very patient and understanding but there comes a point when it goes to ridiculous. Plus having someone who has his projector telling me basic information that I’ve already tried, and treating me like an idiot doesn’t help either.

I’m sorry if you feel you are being treated like an idiot, for I am not.

Please don’t hold it against me that I already have my projector, I’m only trying to help others and the Philips team to keep this community living and viable, so the projector becomes a widespread and strong product which will in turn benefit me and my device.

I don’t really know what the reasons are that you haven’t been answered yet, but what I saw was a user who kept asking questions and not getting any answers. I hoped to be able to give her something that could maybe help her feel at least listened to, as your posts had seemingly gone unnoticed for 12 days. So when I managed to get a clear answer from @PhilipsNono on the proper address change procedure I just went looking for posts asking or talking about this, and posted the answer he gave.

I understand your frustration with not getting replied to your email requests and only hearing excuses I’m coming up with to try to explain things for you. All I can really do for you now is hope that my interaction and involvement in your case might catch the eye of @PhilipsSupport or @PhilipsNono who might be able to tell whether they actually got your request or not.

Once again I’m sorry if you felt belittled or treated like an idiot, that was not my intention.

Have a happy Easter!