Where can one find the Case/Sleeve at what cost?

Have not heard anything re the possible supply of the much vaulted CASE?
Just where can I purchase one and at what cost (GBP£) ?

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I second that …

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Why are you (Philips) not promoting this item, having bothered to ask us what colour.

Hi mmeidl. Did you vote for a specific colour?

Yes I have.I think It was the blue one

Hello guys, we will open the pre orders soon and we will ship via Amazon Fulfillment.
For the moment we are trying to fin a way to sell the device as we can’t use Amazon (not available everywhere) and Backerkit owe us some money.
We may go through Indiegogo again with Amazon fulfillment.

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Ill not be going down the route of ordering from IGG for this sleeve until people have actually received the item - sorry.

Why cant you sell it from your network of distributors who are stocking the PPM?

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To be honest I think the majority of your customers can access Amazon and you should sell on this platform. The few which can’t, send them a link. As the previous poster mentioned I would also not go through indigogo again

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no, a LOT of countries are not covered by Amazon.
Going through indiegogo will be just for us a payment system.
We would use Amazon Fulfillment to ship everywhere.

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I cant see the PPM available on the .co.uk Amazon, will it be replaced by these newer models this year?

You might want to look into doing a Shopify store, that’s what most independent stores with just a few items seem to use nowadays.

too complicated for just 1 product :slight_smile:

the one that we are selling on Amazon is the same as you purchased on the Indiegogo!

On the .co.uk page, when I search for it, the PPM doesnt show? I could be having a blonde moment though.

no you are not :slight_smile: Amazon blocked our account and we are talking with them since 1 month to resolve the issue, this is a big issue for us.
If you purchase it on Indiegogo, it will be shipped from Switzerland within a week.

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